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Standard $300.00 / Rush $600.00

Get your Klein colorimeter ready to calibrate professional level displays.  The calibration process includes 11 to 13 profiles on professional displays.  The following profiles will be written into slots 1-14:

  • 1. Default CRT File

  • 2. Klein DLP Lux (Not included on K-80, K-8 and K-1)

  • 3. Klein SMPTEC

  • 5. TVL XVM245

  • 6. Klein LED Bk LCD

  • 7. Klein Plasma


  • 8. DLP Screen (Left blank on K-8 and K-1)

  • 9. TVL LEM 150

  • 10. Sony EL OLED

  • 11. EIZO CG LCD

  • 12. FSI LM 2461 IW

  • 14. HP Dream Color

If you would like to preserve your own calibration file in one of these locations we are happy to accommodate.  Let us know where you would like your calibration profiles saved.

Calibration takes one to three business days.  Rush calibration means that we will prioritize your calibration over other work, ensuring that your Klein colorimeter will be ready to ship the day after we receive it.



$500.00+ (Calibration included in price)

Add on Firmware upgrade +$300.00

Customize your Klein colorimeter for your needs.  Send us a message and we will do our best to work with you to modify your colorimeter to your particular needs.  Common upgrades include converting a K-10 SF to a K10-A.  Converting your colorimeter changes the sensitivity and measurement area.

A conversion's lead time and cost will vary greatly depending on the request.  Send us an email and we will gladly work with you to find an option that is suitable to your needs. 

Cable change

$1000.00 (Calibration included in price)

You can swap out your communication type on any Klein colorimeter. Communication can be changed between RS-232 and USB.

Upgrade Firmware

$700.00 (Calibration included in price)

Older Klein colorimeters (serial numbers lower than 6000) can be lacking the most recent firmware update. Klein offers a firmware upgrade that will load the latest firmware version (4.2.579) on to your device. The only significant feature currently included in the upgrade is the ability to read flicker up to 150Hz, instead of the original 100Hz. This procedure includes calibration.

NOTE:  This procedure will erase all calibration profiles on the device.



Ensure that your convergence gauge is up to specifications.  Our trade secret calibration method for convergence gauges ensures that your convergence gauge will be ready to calibrate.

Calibration takes one business day.  


Has something gone wrong with a Klein product?  At Klein Instruments we pride ourselves on producing a high quality, reliable product. In accordance with that we stand by our work and will repair any Klein Instruments products that were not intentionally damaged.

Repair time various greatly depending on the problem.  Contact us with information about the problem.