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K10-A II

K10-A II

List: $6,900.00

  • Colorimeter for small displays
  • 9mm aperture size
  • FFT flickermeter
  • Small, light-weight design
  • Comes with Klein carrying case, tripod, lens guard, install disc, and certificate of calibration

Always up to date

The K10-A II adds new features and capabilities to one of the industry's most enduring nameplates. The Mark II gives users access to a constantly updated list of color profiles; ensuring that the most accurate profiles are always on hand. Known for its superior speed, the K10-A can stream intensity data in 3.2 milliseconds and can provide color data in 125 milliseconds. The Klein K10-A is also extremely sensitive and color accurate. Large photo-diodes give the probe superior performance even in extremely low light (down to 0.00006 cd/m^2). Klein diodes are very large (5mm x 5mm each), thermally stable, and linear to report the highest degree of accuracy. 


Like all Klein colorimeters, the K-80G is ruggedly constructed with machined aluminum and high impact plastic. The K-80G’s auto ranging is solid state, and the housing is impact resistant to hold up to the 24 hours a day, 7 days a week usage that the display manufacturers require. The K-80G’s compact size and light weight make transportation convenient. It is also fitted with a universal tripod mount for easy positioning and integration into workflows. 



For maximum accuracy, not only is the f1’ of Y critical, but the accuracy of X and Z as well. Each diode has specially layered absorption filters designed for maximum color accuracy. Klein colorimeters are also rigorously tested to ensure that each device is thermally stable with an operating temperature range of 15-35 C. 


The Klein K-80G provides industry standard colorimetetry analysis, as well as the capability to measure flicker. The probe can measure color and flicker on TVs, LED backlit displays, CRTs, phones, tablets and more. The Klein K-80G can also measure and log flashes from various direct light sources. The K-80G is a lensed alternative to the K-8, that is 12x as sensitive.


The Klein K-80G is also a fully functioning FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) flicker meter. The probe measures and integrates Y data in the head, streams in real time to the PC, and then the FFT is performed. The Klein K-80G can measure regular flicker between 1-150Hz. Multiple methods for displaying flicker data including JEITA, VESA, and Contrast methods are selectable in the software. The Klein K-80G can be used to analyze any luminance source, including the common refresh-rate flicker in monitors, and random flashes caused by the transmission of current variations through solid state devices (LEDs). All flicker information can be logged and reported with Klein Chromasurf.